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Project Management

Projects execution within timelines, cost and with quality is what determines the success or otherwise of planned projects. Executing projects successfully and timely could become a challenge if the entire process is not managed effectively. The biggest exposure is at the early stage where a lot of room could be given to experiment with different options.

We commit to provide value for money by delivering excellent project management using our many years of experience to bear on your project.

Effective management of projects execution requires adequate knowledge of the project and commitment to work through the design at each stage. At LogiPro, our focus is on the successful completion of projects within the agreed timelines and budget. We make this possible through the experience and expertise of dedicated personnel with project management professional qualifications.

Through the application of the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle approach to all our work, we are able to use internationally tried, tested and approved processes to deliver on projects on budget and in time. Every project is executed with an eye on eliminating any waste processes to help our clients to achieve efficiency and cost optimisation.

LogiPro works with our clients in designing the most efficient supply chain that helps them to concentrate on their core activities and excel at that. With experience and knowledge in movement of cargo across borders and our team keeps a focus to review all nodes in the supply chain from origin to destination and project closure phases. Our team is both experienced and certified in project management as well as lean six sigma quality management.

The quality of work is defined by the systematic approach to project design and implementation. The systematic approach by LogiPro is built on 3 main pillars often referred to as our 3Ds in project management – Define, Design and Deliver.

LogiPro manages entire phases of projects by first defining the needs at each stage. This involves setting the stage for the project and also identifying the key milestones to measure each stage. Defining the project will ensure that the timelines are adhered to and expectations met

A good definition of the project will lead to a successful design of the project. LogiPro is able to provide the necessary services during the design stage. With key personnel and resources with expertise in project management, the design to fit approach based on an efficient definition stage makes the design very effective.

At LogiPro, we are able to deliver the right project at the right time always. Your project is in better hands when managed by LogiPro Consult as we bring local knowledge with international standards to deliver quality results. Contact us for all project-related services including project appraisal, monitoring, evaluation and project audit.